Can Activated Charcoal Actually “Whiten” A Smile?

We’ve got the facts.

If you’ve ever used (or have considered using) activated charcoal toothpaste to “whiten” your smile, then we’ve got some news you might be interested in – or should probably read.

It isn’t so black & white…

The activated charcoal toothpaste trend seems to have been dominating our social media newsfeeds – with images and videos of internet icons and even celebrities endorsing these products; scrubbing away at their pearly-whites. But does this gritty black substance actually do what it’s claimed to – whiten the teeth?

Not exactly.

The truth about charcoal

Activated charcoal “whitening” products are designed to have an abrasive effect on the teeth, which can aid in removing surface stains left from certain foods and beverages – but that’s about it. It doesn’t actually brighten up the natural shade of a person’s teeth; only bleaching products and whitening treatments can do this. That said; it may not be the best idea regardless to be using abrasive agents on your teeth – because this may lead to unnecessary wearing of the enamel (and we’re only given one layer of enamel to last a lifetime)!

So the celebrity or internet icon you’re seeing with a vibrant, white smile has probably achieved that either with traditional whitening (bleaching) methods, or, they’re most likely rocking some veneers!

Professional cosmetic dentistry is the best way to go for a beautiful smile!

If you’re longing for a pearly-white smile and would rather opt against the not-so-effective abrasive dental products option, a teeth whitening procedure with our dentist, or a take-home whitening kit should be able to give you the results you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you aren’t satisfied with more than just the current shade of your teeth, a cosmetic bonding procedure or porcelain veneers can be a perfect solution to giving you that brilliantly bright and beautiful Hollywood smile!


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