Chewing Gum for a Healthier Smile? (There’s a Catch)

Here’s how gum chewing can aid in decay prevention

While brushing and flossing every day and limiting consumption of sugary-sweet foods and beverages are surely the most important things we can do for our smile, there are actually other little things we can do in-between to further protect our teeth from decay!

For example: Did you know that simply chewing gum can actually affect your dental health? It's true! But the catch is: The gum you’re chewing needs to be sugar-free. (We guess that’s sort of obvious, huh)!

If you’re wondering how a gum-chewing habit can have a positive affect on your teeth, keep reading.

The magic is actually in the increase of salvia production that chewing a stick or two of gum leads to. Saliva plays a role in helping to neutralize acids and fight cavities. And since it’s sugar-free, the saliva is not laden with sugar - as we all know the detrimental affects of sugar on our teeth!

Another positive effect of gum chewing is that it can help to manually wash away particles of food and debris from the teeth, almost acting as a mild cleaning (mind you, not anything that can even remotely compare to what a toothbrush and floss can do - but still worth mentioning!)

Finally, chewing gum can also help release pressure in the jaw. If you're prone to hold tension in this area, chewing gum can help your jaw to keep moving.

Seriously - stay away from gum with sugar!

Did you know that one stick of gum can contain a full teaspoon of sugar? This is why it’s important to stay away from such varieties - as the sugar will mix with our saliva and be retained in our mouths for an extended period of time, perpetrating a toxic mix for our teeth and gums.

Although you may think that one measly piece of gum containing sugar is harmless and won’t be doing anything besides freshen up your breath, it could at the very exact same time be contributing to long-term dental damage if repeated enough times.

So when it comes to chewing gum, don't let anyone burst your bubble - just try your best to pick the right kind!

Enjoy a stick of sugar-free gum as you please, and know that your smile is thanking you.


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