Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures Capable of Transforming Your Smile

If you’re feeling less than confident about your teeth, these are the treatments to consider.

How would you rate your smile’s appearance on a scale of 1-10? Chances are, you’re among many other people who hesitated to give it a perfect score. And that’s ok - nobody’s meant to be perfect anyway!

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

However, if you are looking to amp up your smile’s attractiveness, there are several highly effective and safe cosmetic dental procedures offered by our Etobicoke dentist that can help you achieve that perfect 10 smile of your dreams (or even that perfect 7, 8 or 9).

Have you ever thought about what kind of dental treatment or treatments would be right for your smile transformation? Then keep reading - because we’re here to talk about five popular cosmetic dental procedures known to provide a stunning result while boosting a patient’s confidence:

  1. Teeth whitening
    If all that your teeth need are a little brightening up, then a whitening treatment alone can be a game-changer for your smile. Most in-office teeth whitening treatments involve applying a bleaching gel to the surfaces of the patient’s teeth, which is then activated by a special blue light to whiten the enamel.

    This procedure generally takes under an hour to perform, with results being instant! This professional in-office whitening treatment is ideal for many patients, as it’s safe, extremely quick, and effective. There are also take-home whitening kits that are just as effective, but do take longer to complete to achieve the same brightening results.
  2. Cosmetic bonding
    Cosmetic dental bonding can be the perfect procedure for patients wanting to correct and restore mild dental imperfections, such as tooth chips, mild gaps or spaces, or shape/size irregularities. With a cosmetic bonding treatment, the dentist will use composite resin material (the same used to fill cavities, also known as ‘tooth-coloured filling) and will mold and shape the material onto the tooth or teeth requiring treatment. This putty-like material is capable of providing a beautiful result in just one visit to the dentist.
  3. Veneers
    For patients with an ultimate goal of completely transforming their smile (and with a greater budget), then porcelain dental veneers make an excellent choice. Popular among celebrities and models, porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, natural tooth-resembling shells that are used to address cosmetic smile issues such as stains, chips, gaps, irregular tooth shape and size/length, and deliver an overall stunning result. Furthermore, a treatment with porcelain veneers can last many, many years provided a patient takes proper daily care.
  4. Crowns
    Aside from being used to restore teeth that have become weaker due to infection or injury, porcelain crowns or caps are also used for cosmetic reasons. Porcelain crowns closely mimic the appearance of the natural tooth, from its size and shape to exact shade - providing a seamless and beautiful result for the patient.
  5. Full Mouth Reconstruction
    Full mouth reconstruction or restoration combines a number of dental procedures simultaneously in order to restore the appearance and function of a smile. The dentist will assess a patient’s teeth, gums and bite to determine which procedures are necessary.

    These procedures commonly include crowns, bridges, veneers in addition to specialized treatments like orthodontics, dental implants, and oral surgical procedures such as gum grafting or tooth extraction. Most full mouth reconstructions require multiple visits to the dental office, with the duration of treatment depending on a patient’s unique situation and goals.

Ready for your cosmetic smile upgrade?

We’re excited for you! Reach out to our dentist and team today to schedule your consultation for one or several of the above mentioned treatments, or to learn more about cosmetic dentistry at Etobicoke Dental Health Centre.


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