What an Eco-Friendly Office Means for Our Patients and the Environment

We Like Our Teeth White, and Our Office Green

Let's face it… the world we live in today is full of toxins. It can be hard to lead a virtually natural and chemical-free lifestyle, but doing what we can to eliminate harmful toxins in our lives can make a dramatic difference.

Etobicoke Dental Health Centre believes in operating an environmentally-safe dental office. Our patients and dental staff members alike are proud to be a part of eco-friendly dentistry!

Digital X-Rays: The Smart Way to Go

Our Etobicoke dental practice takes pride in using digital X-Rays, which use up to 90% less radiation than film-based X-Rays. Using digital radiography protects our patients and staff from being exposed to harmful chemicals that would otherwise be required to develop the film used in traditional X-Rays. This modern technology produces instant and high-resolution images that are then displayed in real-time on a screen. Because these images can be stored digitally, paper is not needed for our records (another bonus!).

Cleaning the Green Way

In addition to being a mercury-free dental environment, Etobicoke Dental Health Centre only uses non-toxic cleaning products combined with green cleaning methods to get the job done. By using steam sterilization methods and gentle substances, there is no hazardous waste being disposed or ventilated.

Going Paperless is Easier Than Ever...

At our Etobicoke dental centre, we care about our trees. That's why we only use digital equipment and processes whenever we can, thus eliminating the use of paper. Some examples of how we strive to practice a paperless system is by using digital patient charts vs. paper charts, employing electronic billing, and communicating with patients and office members via email and phone. Not only is the paperless approach so much more green, but it's super easy and convenient for both our patients and staff. Woo-hoo, modern technology!

Want to pay a friendly visit to our green & clean office? Schedule an appointment with Etobicoke Dental Health Centre today! We'd love to see you.


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