Should I Be Using Dental Floss, or an Interdental Brush?
Let’s compare these two very different methods

When you clean in between your teeth, do you use dental floss, or an interdental brush? Both of these “interproximal” (between the teeth) cleaning methods are effective at removing food particles and bacteria… but which is better? IS there a better option between the two?

Dental floss or Interdental Brush?

Today, we’re going to help you compare the two based on the following criteria: cost, convenience, safety and effectiveness.

Dental floss

  • Cost
    Dental floss won’t cost you as much as interdental brushes will, although both options are definitely affordable.
  • Convenience
    Relatively easy to use, but the right technique is required. Great for cleaning tighter spaces, not as convenient to clean larger spaces.
  • Safety
    Very safe when used properly or with “zig-zag” motions to avoid accidentally jabbing the gums with a sudden downward swipe.
  • Effectiveness
    Extremely effective at cleaning between the teeth.

Interdental brushes

  • Cost
    More expensive than floss, but still affordable.
  • Convenience
    Very easy to use, just a simple back and forth sliding motion required. However, it needs to be wet or lubricated before use. Especially easy to clean larger gaps or spaced between the teeth .
  • Safety
    Higher risk for gum tissue damage, as it’s easier to accidentally poke the gum if not used with caution.
  • Effectiveness
    Also effective at cleaning between the teeth.

So… who wins the showdown?!

Well, if you ask us, the winner depends on YOU! Every person has a unique smile, and different preferences. Some people have larger gaps between their teeth, and some have tighter spaces. Some people are more comfortable using traditional floss or floss piks, and some enjoy the convenience of sliding a brush between their teeth. It all comes down to weighing the pros and cons for yourself. The bottom line is, both methods are effective at preventing gum disease and tooth decay when the proper technique is used.

Which do you prefer using? Feel free to let us know!


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