A Fun & Spooky Dental Quiz!

Can you tell apart these Halloween Fibs and Facts?

Halloween is just around the corner!

In celebration of Halloween creeping up on us, we’ve got a fun little quiz for you to take a shot at if you wish!

See if you can identify these Halloween-inspired truths from the fibs. See answers below. Don’t cheat! The Bogeyman is watching…

  1. It’s better to eat Halloween candy as small snacks throughout the day, rather than with each meal.
  2. Gritty/powdery candies are less of a threat to your teeth than stickier candies.
  3. It’s better to eat your Halloween candy in the morning, not at night, to prevent tooth decay.
  4. Dracula’s fangs are also referred to as lateral incisors, in technical tooth terms.
  5. Dracula’s fangs are bloody because he forgets to floss so often.
  6. Potato chips in the trick-or-treat bag are capable of causing dental destruction, just like candy.

Answer Key:

  1. Myth. The lower the number of exposures the mouth has to sugar, the better. Saving sweets to eat along with meals is smarter than picking at sweets multiple times throughout the day.
  2. Fact. Stickier candies tend to literally “stick” around on the teeth and pose a greater risk to our teeth compared to candies that are more easily washed away, but any type of candy is still a threat to our teeth.
  3. Myth. Oral bacteria doesn’t have a schedule. Morning or night, eat your sweets whenever you wish as long as you brush and floss right after your mouth is exposed to the sugars.
  4. Myth. Dracula’s fangs are called canines, in technical terms.
  5. Myth. Dracula’s fangs are bloody because he DRINKS BLOOD… come on! (But us non-blood drinkers can definitely experience bleeding gums if we forget to floss).
  6. Fact. Potato chips are fermentable carbohydrates, so they produce acids in the mouth that are harmful to our tooth enamel. With that said, you’re probably not going to find many dental-friendly snacks in the trick-or-treat bag!

We wish you a happy and safe Halloween!


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