Let’s Talk Children’s Dentistry!
Your Child Deserves a Great Start to Oral Health

Children deserve a proper start to oral health care in order to empower them to keep up these healthy oral habits for life!

Your little one’s oral health starts with you

If your child is just a baby, it’s important that they have their first visit with the dentist before the age of one, or within 6 months of the appearance of their first tooth. At-home care should involve cleaning the baby’s teeth and gums with a damp cloth or piece of gauze every night. Some people believe that a baby’s primary teeth don’t matter or require care since they’ll be falling out anyway, but this isn’t true. Baby teeth must be healthy and decay-free in order to ensure the same for the adult teeth ready to take their place.

When it comes to toddlers and older children, our Etobicoke dentist wants you to ensure that your child’s teeth are brushed and flossed after any sugar consumption, or especially before bed. You should also avoid regularly supplying your child with foods or drinks high in sugar in general.

Make sure your child practices a thorough care routine that consists of brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, and flossing once a day. If your child is too young to know how to properly do so yet, you can do this for your child until he or she gets the hang of it. Your child should continue to see the dentist typically every 6 months for a check-up and professional cleaning.

A Positive Smile for Life

Encourage your child to think positively about looking after their oral health, and try to avoid referring to daily brushing and flossing as a “chore”, or something they just “have to do”. If your child can think of oral care as a rewarding and satisfying practice, it can motivate them to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile free of problems for years to come. In order for a child to truly understand the importance of a proper dental hygiene routine, they should be informed about what exactly can happen if they don’t put in the time and care.

If you’re on the search for a family dentist who is great with children, the team at Etobicoke Dental Health Centre would love for your family to visit! Feel free to book a consultation with us today.


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