A Priceless Smile!

It was a busy day at my Etobicoke dental clinic when my receptionist came running in, to ask if we could treat an emergency patient. The referral was from the Surgeon on call at the Etobicoke General Hospital. Being one of the referring dentists and a founding member of the Borna Miami Foundation, I knew that we had to fit her in.

A Priceless Smile

The waiting room was full, but there was no mistaking the middle aged woman wearing a bright sari and a young woman beside her staring down at the floor, as if afraid to look up. They came into the operatory and the older lady explained that her daughter, had broken front teeth. After much persuasion, the young woman, Zola (not her real name), with hushed tones and tears in her eyes, slowly recounted that she had been assaulted by her husband. She was extremely embarrassed that she did not have any means to get her teeth restored.

After cleansing the wound, my assistant and I went about restoring the front teeth with resin fillings, and in about an hour, we had her look into a mirror, and Zola morphed into a beaming smiling gorgeous young woman. The time and effort we spent cannot compare with the hugs and smiles the entire staff got from her.

I am happy to report that Zola is now in school, studying to be a Social Worker, and with great hope and enthusiasm, looking ahead to a full life, leaving her trauma well behind her.

When faced with financial difficulty and poverty, patients often avoid having dental treatment due to the costs. This in turn leads to the deterioration of their oral and overall health. At our clinic we try to accommodate a few pro-bono cases each month, referred to us by Hospitals, Woman's shelters and the Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to assist women affected by physical abuse by providing treatment options that include the best, in standard of dental care in North America.

As a Etobicoke dentist, I see a great need for support and services in this area, and I hope many others will come forward to help create these priceless smiles.


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