The Several Potential Reasons Why a Tooth May Require Extraction

Decay isn’t the only reason why a tooth may need to get yanked.

Have you ever experienced a dental extraction? Chances are, you have!

Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction may in some cases be the only option left for a severely diseased tooth, many people think of tooth decay or infection as the primary or only reason a tooth should be yanked.

In reality, there are several potential factors or incidents that could ultimately lead to requiring a dental extraction. And fortunately, there are some amazing restorative options available in dentistry (such as dental implant or crowns and bridges) that will be able to to mend your missing tooth blues following an extraction procedure.

Besides extensive tooth decay, what other factors can lead to a dental extraction?

Another common reason for a tooth to require extraction is trauma. Dental trauma can occur as a result of physical injury or an accident that requires extensive fracture or breakage, reaching the root of the tooth. That’s why it’s so important to wear a sport guard during any competitive sport activities, and if you do experience an accident you couldn’t have prepared for, prompt dental care is critical to ensure the best outcome possible.

In other cases, it’s actually “wise” to pull a tooth...

Another very common reason for tooth extraction is wisdom teeth! Whether these “third molars” are causing pain in a patient's mouth or are compromising surrounding teeth due to lack of room, wisdom teeth are often yanked in order to avoid future problems or to help a patient resolve their discomfort.

Are baby and adult tooth extractions equal?

Nope! It’s important to treat a damaged tooth differently in both infants and adults. When a child experiences injury to their deciduous tooth, our Etobicoke dentist will often recommend it be extracted. This is done to save the root and prevent potential damage to the permanent or adult tooth waiting to take its place.

In adults, on the other hand, a tooth that is damaged beyond repair will be extracted and can then be replaced with a dental implant and crown to restore the tooth that would otherwise be missing forever.

For all of your tooth extraction and tooth restoration needs, our Dr. Sunny Jung has you covered.

While we can do our best to protect our teeth from damage, accidents do happen - and injuries can throw a curve ball at our lives when we least expect it. That's why it's important to at least do our part in making sure our teeth don't decay to the point of needing extraction, by practicing proper daily oral hygiene and visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly for a check-up and cleaning.

Our Etobicoke dentist is highly experienced in treating patients who require tooth extraction, whatever the cause may be. On top of this, our clinic offers a variety of restoration services including immediate implants – which allows out Dr. Jung to replace a tooth right after it's been pulled in some situations! Many patients are happy with this convenient option, as they are able to avoid the unattractive appearance and complication that come along with a missing tooth.

Whether you’re due for a routine maintenance appointment, are interested in a particular dental service, or have a dental issue you need to address - our team would be happy to see you! Contact Etobicoke Dental Health Centre to schedule a visit today.


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