Really Though, WHY Do I Need to Floss Every Day?!
We’ve Got the Facts

A common question that patients have for dentists and hygienists is, “Why do I need to floss every single day?”

call it a complete routine! But trust us – there’s more than one reason why flossing is completely essential for a completely healthy smile:

  1. Prevents interproximal decay
    Interproximal decay, or decay in-between the teeth (in areas where a toothbrush simply cannot reach) occurs frequently in people who choose not to floss regularly. When you brush your teeth, you’re only cleaning a portion of the surfaces of your teeth… which makes those uncleaned areas hot spots for decay to form!
  2. Prevents gum disease
    Have you ever experienced bleeding gums with flossing or brushing? This is a typical result of not flossing enough. When gum disease continues for years, it can advance to a very severe stage (called periodontitis)… and this is when the teeth become loose from the gums and are at risk for falling out. Please floss!
  3. Keeps your smile attractive… and prevents gum recession and loss
    Gums with gum disease are typically reddish or even purplish in appearance, and just lack the attractive pink colour that healthy gums have. Gum disease is also known to contribute to gum recession (which causes the teeth to appear longer as the gums pull away from them)… also contributing to an unattractive (and unhealthy) state. So by flossing every day and steering clear of gum disease, you’ll be helping to ensure a beautiful smile!

So… has this helped to change your mind at all about the importance of daily flossing? We sure hope so! And if you’ve already been flossing daily like you should, then kudos to you from our team!


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