Is Your Dog Suffering Silently from Gum Disease?

Don’t ignore your furry friend’s dental health…

When’s the last time you’ve given your furry friend’s teeth a good brushing? Sadly, there might not be many people who can recall it.

Periodontal disease unfortunately isn’t just an oral health issue that strikes humans: our dogs are at risk, too – especially if their oral health is not made a priority. And what’s worse; gum disease in your pet often develops with no noticeable signs, then progresses to a condition that is both chronically painful and orally destructive for your dog.

It might be a surprising to learn that gum disease occurs five times more often in our furry friends than in humans. This is because a dog’s mouth is more alkaline than a human’s mouth, making the environment more susceptible to plaque bacteria formation. Aside from our own smiles, our Guelph dentist encourages parents of furry companions to care for their teeth, too!

Your Pet’s Oral Health Depends On You

It’s up to you to take the steps to prevent gum disease and other oral health issues in your dog, before they become an irreversible issue. There are essentially three key ways you can do this. One is by feeding your dog a meat-based diet. The next is to supply your dog with chew treats – this will help to keep your dog’s mouth structures active and healthy. And last, but certainly not least, is to make an effort to brush your dog’s teeth every day – or at least aim to. If you can make an effort to do these things, you’ll be helping to protect your dog from a serious health issue that can sadly take years off of their life.

You can also talk to your family dentist to learn about more products or methods that might help you to better look after your pet’s dental health. Or, bring them in for a check-up with the vet to be safe.

Has this changed the way you think about your dog’s oral health? We hope this blog has inspired you to make some changes if you need to!


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