Immediate Dental Implants

In some cases, it is possible to place a dental implant at the same time that a tooth is extracted.

This procedure, referred to as immediate implant placement, comes with several advantages compared to standard implants - including a much quicker treatment duration, and fewer surgical procedures or visits required.

Furthermore, it may be possible to place a temporary crown on an immediate implant so you can leave your visit with a complete and functional restoration. This procedure is referred to as “immediate loading”. The final or official crown will then be inserted once the bone has been given sufficient time to grow around the implant.

However, it is important to note that an immediate implant procedure may not be suitable for every patient and every case:

For example, if the tooth that is removed is not in an ideal position, the final result of the restoration may be affected - and it would be more appropriate to carry out a traditional dental implant procedure after this issue is addressed. Additionally, it’s critical that there be no infection present in the mouth at the time of dental extraction, as this may greatly compromise the success of the immediate implant placement.

Finally, teeth positioned at the front of the mouth consist of a single root - making them ideal for immediate implants. However, teeth at the back of the mouth tend to have several roots - which may make standard implants a more suitable choice.

Am I a candidate for immediate implants?

In order to determine whether immediate implants are the right choice for you and your smile, we will need to take a series of radiographs to assess your unique root anatomy.

If you are interested in this more convenient approach to traditional dental implants, our Etobicoke dentist will gladly consider this as an option for you.

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