New Patient Experience

Our strategy for the “New Patient Experience” has proven to be very valuable for our new patients. The Etobicoke “New Patient Experience” includes a comprehensive exam, which includes different types of assessments. This exam is found to be the best way to adequately prepare and educate patients about the status of their oral health so that they can make informed decisions regarding their treatment options.

Oral Cancer Screening

The oral cancer screening, is a test that can help detect cancer at an early stage, the fact that makes it easier to treat if found. Screening tests are conducted even when a patient shows no cancer symptoms, because often, by the time symptoms start appearing, the cancer has already begun to spread. During the screening, we will look for abnormalities in the oral cavity which may indicate that further testing is necessary.

Dental Exam

In this type of exam, we will take a closer look at the condition of each tooth aside. This is due to the fact that there are three different ways that you can lose your teeth: decay and broken fillings, gum disease, or issues with bite. After the exam has been completed, we will chart out our findings and then explain and address everything.

Periodontal Exam

The Gum and Bone exam, or in dental terms “Periodontal Exam”, involves simple but very important measurements of your gums using a special measuring tool. This helps us identify any areas of infection and/or bleeding. We will also be able to identify areas of moderate bone loss around the teeth.

Bite Exam

Many dentists do not check the health of your bite, when in truth the way that your teeth fit together affect your teeth in many ways. This type of exam is usually overlooked by dentists. Here at Etobicoke Dental, the doctor will complete a TMJ and muscle examination in order to assess the range of opening, wear and other important factors of your bite.

Cosmetic & Implant Exam

During this exam, you will be given the opportunity to assess the colour, shape, and alignment of your teeth. We will address the aesthetics of your smile and learn what you would like to achieve with treatment. We will present to you the various treatment options available to you and discuss the benefits of each